Diamonds and other precious stones tend to be one of the largest investments people can make in their lifetimes. Finding quality loose stones at the right price is the first and perhaps most important step in the search for a new piece of jewelry or investment. When it comes to buying any type of stone, you want to make sure that the jeweler is working on your behalf to find you the best possible options that fall within your budget. Most jewelry retailers will try to push their own inventory on to their clients, but that’s not how Milestone Gem works! We utilize our global network of over 200 manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, and dealers to find the best stones at the most competitive prices. Since we operate within the wholesale marketplace, we pass those discounts on to our clients. We would be happy to assist by phone, in person, or by video chat. For those customers who want to see their gemstone choices but can’t come in to meet with us, you can utilize our Remote Diamond Vision Program. This program allows you to compare the actual stones we are offering just as if you would if you were seeing them in person.


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