With over 40 years of combined experience and an extensive worldwide public and private dealer network of jewelry trade professionals, Milestone Gem is able to offer the most value in diamond and rare gemstone buying. All quotations are prepared quickly and payments are sent within 24 hours. For larger value transactions, we do travel upon request.

Unlike many local retail stores and other diamond buyers, our team has decades of experience in re-cutting and re-certifying diamonds. Ours team’s specialty is evaluating how each diamond can be improved and re-valued, not just seeing what the diamond is currently worth. Our process allows us to offer our customers the most money possible. We truly understand that every dollar matters!

Anyone looking to sell their diamonds or rare gemstones has a different reason for doing so, but our team of Certified Gemologists will make sure you get every dollar that you can. We are so confident that we can offer more than other buyers that we encourage our clients to get multiple offers before coming to us so we can prove it.


Tell us about the stone with our Evaluation Form for an initial offer. We will evaluate the stone face to face or via insured mail to offer our final offer. Accept or deny our offer. Get paid within 24-48 hours if you accept, or we will mail back your stone immediately if you deny.


If you would like us to make an offer on a diamond or rare gem of yours, please see our Diamond Evaluation Form below.

Click here to view our diamond evaluation form


First and foremost, we will walk you through every step of the diamond valuation process, so that you are totally comfortable parting with your stone.

One of our certified gemologists will contact you to discuss your diamond and explain our process in detail. We will give you an initial offer during this conversation based on the information you provide and discuss the next steps. If you are comfortable with the initial offer, we’ll most likely need to physically see the diamond before the offer can be finalized.


We will mail you a pre-paid, fully insured Fedex label, so that you can ship the diamond to us. We will receive the diamond the next business day. Our diamond experts will open the sealed package on camera for security.

Alternatively, if you live in the Northeast you can bring in your diamond jewelry to our New York location and we will evaluate it on the spot. You can leave our office with your money! For larger value transactions, we can also arrange for an on-site visit on a case by case basis.

Once we inspect the diamond, we will make our official offer.

If we agree on a price, we will send out the payment immediately. If you decide not to sell us your diamond after our initial offer, we will ship it back to you right away at no charge to you.

We have bought tens of thousands of carats from many different sources – the public, retail jewelers, jewelry designers, pawnbrokers, gold buyers, diamond wholesalers and more. All of these people have sold to us because we pay fair prices, are trustworthy, and are easy to work with.

We look forward to helping you get as much as you can!